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wendy hammers


writer & performer

Wendy Hammers is a hyphenate.
An actress/writer/storyteller/stand up comic/creativity coach/producer/wife/mother/foodie/hip hop dancer/jersey girl/hopeless romantic/lover of life. Not in that order. 

She loves chai tea, dancing 'til she sweats, and Bruce Springsteen.

Her true heart belongs to a triad of "G's" - her beloved Grandma Gussie, her wonderful son Griffin, and her dear husband Garth.

As the the chief bottle washer at Tasty Words Productions, a live event company that produces the monthly hit spoken word salon of the same name (now in it's 18th year), Mrs. Hammers delights in creating and hosting evenings of theatre which celebrates hilarious and horrifying true life stories from a host of famous and infamous writer/performers.

As an actress, she is the recipient of two Drama-Logue Awards and one Broadway World Award. Her acclaimed solo play, undressing new jersey (and other states of mind), was one of four shows chosen for the The Sacramento Theatre Company's International Solo Festival. Her third solo outing, ripe, has toured the U.S. and Canada, with cities including Seattle, Vancouver, Boca Raton, Minneapolis, and Kauai.

She is a published author: You've Got Meal (Marabout Press), What Was I Thinking? (St. Martins Press), That Time of the Month (Melanie Vara), as well as a contributor to The Huffington Post. All the stuff you need to know about her professionally can be found on either this website or at Anything else, just email her at or find her on Instagram @wendysjoyworld.

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karen aschenbach


original direction/dramaturg

Writer, director, actor and producer from East Coast to West. Her directorial background includes plays (Mrs. Cage, Critics Choice – Los Angeles Times), short films and independent features seen on television and in festivals from Japan to Croatia and throughout the U.S. Ripe, which she developed with Wendy Hammers, made its Hollywood debut at the Greenway Court Theatre and began a national tour in 2014. After a successful run at The Promenade Playhouse in May 2014, Coming Out Kinky, A Grownup Comedy with Jean Franzblau is enjoyed a multi city tour. Karen has worked with storytellers, essayists, novelists, screenwriters, playwrights, actors and solo artists. 

kelleia sheerin


choreography & additional direction

A wild-west born American actor/dancer/director/choreographer. Equal parts performer and creator, Kelleia is a rare broad who has carved out a career telling bewitching, quick-silvered stories of people on the verge of the either a break down or a break through. From directing award-winning plays to dancing as an absurd Scottish Tart in Eric Idle’s live radio-play What About Dick?; from portraying the ultra-savvy Burlesque Star of her time Tempest Storm alongside Ryan Gosling & Josh Brolin in the film GANGSTER SQUAD to originating a role on Broadway in Urban Cowboy and directing and choreographing a myriad of shows, plays, and musicals, Kelleia has built her reputation on an inherent understanding of the work, a respect for the unpredictable, the 10,000 hours of a professional and the ability to solve anything.